Damian Drohan

PhD Student, University College Cork

Project Title: Building multifaceted, multisensory storytelling projects in a community context using ethnographic and creative approaches. Using technological interventions to elicit and disseminate story.

Biography: I graduated from UCC in 2019 with an MA. Digital Arts & Humanities and from LCC London in 2010 with an MA. Documentary Photography. Prior to starting my PhD I worked variously as a Research Assistant in UCC on a number of projects. From 2006 until 2012 I worked as a lecturer in photography in the Further & Higher Education sectors in Cork. I also worked as a photographer, visual artist and multimedia producer, completing commissions for Cork City & County Arts Offices, The Heritage Council and various broadsheet newspapers and magazines.

My PhD research interests lie in ethnography, multisensory ethnography, memory and storytelling. Through my research I hope to examine ways to build enhanced storytelling experiences through ethnographic field work, creative and arts based research and technological interventions to enhance/elicit storytelling and dissemination of storytelling in a small community context. Outside of my research I produce documentary and portrait photography projects, short films and audio documentaries. I enjoy fiction and non fiction reading, cinema, and I am a frustrated guitar player.

Supervisors: Dr. Laura Maye (UCC), Dr. Eleanor Bantry-White (UCC)