Tanil Patel

PhD Student, Cork Institute of Technology (CIT)

Hi, My name is Tanil Patel, an international student who comes from India. I have completed Bachelor of Engineering in the field of Electronics and Telecommunication and have also taken professional training for Computer Networking. Before joining the ADVANCE program, I was pursuing Msc. Information Security from CIT. My region of interest are IOT devices, Cybersecurity, Future Network Systems and Artificial Intelligence. I’m a person who likes to go on adventures and like to read car magazines in free time.


Working Thesis Title:  Improving Cyber security/ Industrial Internet by assessing and threat Modeling the vulnerabilities in ICS Environments.

Initially the security problems were only limited to the ICT organisations, but due to revolutions in the industries and the involvement of new technologies like smart devices, IOT devices it has started raising security concerns in smart factories. As the days are passing they are becoming highly vulnerable and have also cause various security incidents in electric generation, manufacturing, energy and many other sectors. These incidents not only cause damage to organisation business but also has tendency to cause severe damage to infrastructure and can lead to loss of life. With the research in this domain, we can come up with different solutions and assessment methods to improve the current state of art.

Supervisory Team: Dr. Sean McSweeney, Dr. Victor Cionca, Dr. Christian Bedger.

Email: tanil.patel@mycit.ie

Based in: Nimbus Research Centre, Department of Computer Science, Cork Institute of Technology (CIT)