Amirhossein Ebrahimi Moghaddam

PhD Student, University College Cork (UCC)

My name is Amirhossein Ebrahimi and I am PhD student in ADVANCE CRT group at University College Cork (UCC). My research area is cryptography and security. I graduated from Shahid Beheshti University (SBU) in 2018. After that I worked for a year as a researcher in SBU on “Mixed Integer Linear Programming as an automated cryptanalysis tool for block ciphers” project. I am obsessed with learning new things, and I enjoy reading and computer programming. During my PhD all of my effort is to look at what I know, thanks to my background, differently, with the help of new things I am trying to learn.


Research area:Cryptography, Security

Supervisors: Dr. Paolo Palmieri, Prof. Utz Roedig


Based in: School of Computer Science & IT, University College Cork (UCC)