Aurora Delz

PhD Student

Project Title: 

A Neural and Behavioural Examination of Decision Making, Learning and Memory in Old Age


Aurora earned her BSc in Psychology from Maynooth University in 2020, focusing on cue salience in virtual water maze environments under the guidance of Prof Sean Commins. Following this, she pursued a Master’s Degree in psychology at University College Dublin, completing her thesis titled “A Confirmatory Factor Analysis of a Cognitive Model of COVID-19 Related Anxiety and Depression,” which was published in Acta Psychologica in 2023 under the supervision of Dr. Keith Gaynor.

Aurora’s primary research interests lie in the realms of learning, memory, and trauma. Currently working towards her Ph.D., her project bears the title “A Neural and Behavioural Examination of Decision Making, Learning, and Memory in Old Age.” Her research delves into the impact of aging on various cognitive aspects, including decision-making and belief updating. Aurora employs diverse methodologies such as EEG, Pupillometry, and Model-Based examinations to explore these facets across different contexts.


Prof Seán Commins (Maynooth), and Dr Peter Murphy (Maynooth)