Caitlin Kelly

PhD Student, Munster Technological University

Biography Caitlin Kelly is a CIT Cork School of Music Bachelors of Popular Music graduate. From the very beginning, she had a keen interest in Music Technology, an interest that grew into a love as time went on.

She has worked on a variety of projects with a multitude of talented people, both inside and outside CSM over the course of her degree. She developed a particular interest in Sound Engineering, Sound Design, and Sound for Interactive Media as a result of this. She is incredibly passionate about music technology and has worked on several live gigs over the last few years, doing both audio and visual streaming, including the CSM Specialised Pop Performance series. She has worked as a technical lead on projects for groups such as the Irish Association of Youth Orchestras for their online orchestra project.


As a disabled academic herself, accessibility is very important to her and to her research.


She is currently studying in CSM MTU as part of the ADVANCE CRT Programme. Her research is into Accessible Audio Extended Reality Experiences in Cultural Heritage Sites for People with Visual Impairments.

Supervisor names John Barrett, Susan O’Regan, Hugh McCarthy
Research Area Accessibility for visually impaired people in Extended Reality and Cultural Heritage