Dr. Arman Farhang

Trinity College Dublin (TCD)


Arman Farhang is an Associate Investigator at CONNECT and Assistant Professor in the Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering in Trinity College Dublin. He received the PhD degree from Trinity College Dublin, Ireland. Dr Farhang is a Principal Investigator of the project NEW WAVE (New Waveforms for Next Generation Wireless Networks) funded by Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) under the research excellence award, Frontiers for the Future, and an Associate Investigator in CONNECT centre, where he leads research around the topic of waveform design for future wireless networks. He serves as an associate editor of “EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking”. Dr Farhang was a member of the organization committee of the IEEE Communication Society flagship conference ICC 2020. He has also served as a TPC member of many well-reputed IEEE conferences and workshops. Dr Farhang’s research team is focusing on design of novel physical layer technologies and advanced waveforms/modulation schemes, bolstered with co-located/distributed multiple antenna solutions to provide an increased reliability, low latency and scalability to the wireless networks of the future. While developing signal processing algorithms through theoretical work, Dr Farhang collaborates with different groups around the world from both academia and industry to verify these algorithms through practical experiments.


Research Interests:

  • Signal Processing for Communications
  • Graph Signal Processing (GSP)
  • Advanced Waveform Design for Future Communication Systems
  • Multiuser Signal Detection and Synchronization in both single- and multi-antenna systems
  • Physical Layer Design for High Mobility Communication Systems