Dr. Diarmuid O’ Donoghue

Maynooth University (MU)

Biography: My research is largely informed by cognitive psychology, focused on computational models of analogical thinking. This encompasses work on knowledge representation and open information extraction from “real word” documents in natural language (English) and also from programming languages (eg Java, C#). My work focuses on identifying analogical similarities between these documents and on efficient computational means of identifying mappings between pairs of these knowledge graphs. Such comparisons can suggest(create) new analogical inferences, prompting evaluation of these constructed knowledge structures. One significant application of such computational models is to support creative thinking in the documents’ readers.

I have been investigating these analogy-inspired techniques on varied data such as: texts from psychology experiments, publications in computer graphics (SIGGRAPH), patent applications, translations of those psychology texts, computer programs (Java, C#, Spec#, JML). A major focus is on evaluating novel information arising from mappings between pairs of knowledge graphs.

Research Interests: Computational modelling, creativity support, analogical comparison, knowledge graphs, graph matching.