Dr. John Dooley

Maynooth University (MU)

Biography: Dr John Dooley is a Lecturer in the Department of Electronic Engineering at Maynooth University where he leads a Wireless Communications Research Group. The current projects cover applications over a broad range of frequencies from IoT at sub-1GHz, 4G and 5G sub-6GHz, mmWave 5G and THz LiFi. The areas of application of these projects include cellular wireless communications, LiFi, UAV data link and command and control, physical layer security for wireless systems and active antenna systems.
A core philosophy of the group is to always aim to experimentally validate with hardware, the novel wireless solutions invented by it, to best prepare graduates for future work in industry or academia. The lab is co-located with a world class test and measurement facility called RadioSpace: National 5G Test Centre which hosts a state-of-the-art anechoic chamber covering frequencies up to 90GHz and a full suite of the latest test equipment.


Research Interests:

  • High Efficiency RF Power Amplifiers,
  • 5G mmWave and 6G communications,
  • AI/Machine Learning applied to Image recognition and Wireless Communications,
  • LiFi testbench and validation
  • UAV communications research