Dr. Michael Gibbons

Trinity College Dublin


Dr. Michael Gibbons is an Assistant Professor in Advanced Heat Transfer, a Royal Society-Science Foundation Ireland University Research Fellow and the Principal Investigator of the Thermal Fluids and Energy Group (www.GibbonsLab.com) in the Department of Mechanical, Manufacturing & Biomedical Engineering at Trinity College Dublin (TCD).

Michael received his PhD and BAI in Mechanical Engineering from Trinity College Dublin. He has completed Fellowships with the Surface Engineering and Instrumentation Lab (SEiL) at York University and the Centre for Advanced Coating Technologies (CACT) at the University of Toronto, Canada.

Dr. Gibbons has over a decade of research experience in Fluids, Heat Transfer and Energy. His research focuses on fundamental and applied multiscale fluids and heat transfer, thermal energy and waste heat transport, conversion and storage, electronics cooling, and zero-carbon technologies using computational, experimental and interdisciplinary approaches.

Michael leads his Thermal Fluids and Energy Group (TFE) research group at TCD. He has authored over 25 international publications and has secured €1.2M in national and international funding as a Principal Investigator, in addition to €1.6M as a Co-PI from industrial partners. In addition, he was the co-chair of the THERMINIC 2022 international conference and is a lead researcher on a European Space Agency (ESA) Parabolic Flight Programme.

Research Interests: Engineering; Fluids and Heat Transfer; Energy Harvesting for Wireless Sensors; Internet of Things; Waste Heat Recovery; Electronics and Photonics Cooling and Zero Carbon Technology.