Dr. Rebecca Maguire

Maynooth University (MU)

Biography: Dr. Rebecca Maguire is an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology at Maynooth University. She holds a BA (Hons) in Psychology, and an MA and PhD in Cognitive Science from University College Dublin. Rebecca has a number of research interests which span various disciplines, however her primary research is the area of health and wellbeing. Since 2014, Rebecca has been involved in a number of projects examining quality of life in cancer survivors and their caregivers, and has a particular interest in how cognitive appraisals and representations of health influence people’s wellbeing. She is currently supervising postgraduate students investigating these issues in a number of different health-related contexts. Rebecca also has a keen interest in exploring how best to enhance quality of life in people living with multiple sclerosis and how to foster greater PPI (Public and Patient Involvement) in research. Other interests include reasoning and decision making, surprise, creativity and student engagement in higher education.

Research Interests: Health and Well-Being in Chronic Illness; Quality of Life; Caregiver Well-Being and Burden of Care; Health-related Fears and Expectations; Decision Making; Cognitive Representations; Public and Patient involvement in Research; Psycho-Oncology; Multiple Sclerosis