Dr. Rosane Minghim

University College Cork (UCC)

Rosane Minghim is a lecturer at the School of Computer Science and Information Technology, UCC. Before that she was an Associate Professor at the University of São Paulo, Brazil, where she was involved in teaching and research for over 30 years. Her has a BsC in Computer Science (University of São Paulo), MsC in Electrical Engineering (University of Campinas), PhD in Computer Studies (University of East Anglia – UK) and continues to collaborate with researchers in Computing and Application areas in Brazil, Peru, USA, Canada and Europe, where she visits frequently.  She is an adjunct professor at University of São Paulo and Dalhousie University, Canada.

Her main field of research is Visual Analytics, which comprises visual techniques for data analysis. Her projects involve the subjects of Data Science, Machine Learning, Visualization, and applications, such as documents, images, soundscape ecology, systems biology data, medical records, and others.