Dr. Susan McKeever

Technological University Dublin (TU Dublin)

Biography: Susan McKeever is a senior lecturer in the School of Computer Science at TU Dublin:  My research areas are in the area of machine learning including deep learning  – applying these techniques to real world useful problems and improving the underlying techniques too. Some of my recent PhD student projects include : Detection of abusive social media comments using machine learning, visual aid navigation using computer vision techniques, detection of security hacker threats via text analytics, automatic heart beat analysis using trained models, prostate cancer diagnostic using machine learning, zero shot learning for human action recognition and automated road maintenance using computer vision techniques.  I’m also a principal investigator with the Centre for Applied Data Analytics. Prior to joining TU Dublin, I worked in the IT sector, mainly for Accenture as an IT consultant.


Research Interests: Machine learning, deep learning, text analytics, computer vision, sensor based systems, activity recognition, domains: health, construction, tech and social media.