Eric Browne

PhD Student, Munster Technological University

Project Title: 

Cultivating Creativity: Exploring Modes of Expression in AI-Assisted Musical Composition


Eric Browne, an interdisciplinary researcher, composer, and technologist, is carrying out his doctoral studies at Cork School of Music, blending music and computer science. His expertise includes music composition, coding digital performance systems and tinkering with experimental hardware interfaces to enhance music performance and accessibility. Eric’s current research involves Artificial Intelligence and music, focusing on areas such as Explainable AI (XAI) and Enactive Models of Creativity (EMC) and how they can facilitate more meaningful, human-centric co-creative experiences with machines. Eric’s strong background in the software industry, particularly in data engineering, data science and cloud computing, offers valuable insights into the dynamics of that world, enriching his academic journey in exploring AI systems for enhancing accessibility, well-being, and music education. Beyond academia, Eric’s passion for music extends to live performances and artistic projects, reflecting his commitment to merge technology and artistic expression.


Dr. Cárthach Ó Nuanáin (MTU), and Dr. Haithem Afli (MTU)