Iqra Mustafa

PhD Student, Cork Institute of Technology (CIT)

Iqra is a PhD Cybersecurity Candidate at Nimbus Research Centre, Munster Technological University (MTU) Cork, Ireland. Her main research areas for PhD are privacy and security for blockchain smart contracts deployments. She holds MS in Information Security followed by her BS in Software Engineering. She has hands-on experience in several programming languages and technologies i.e., C#, .NET, DAML, and database designing. She also has the honour to pursue a prestigious US patent in Post quantum Cryptography and many research-publications.

Currently, she is working as an Invited Reviewer of various international technical journals and peer-reviewed conferences i.e., Mobile Information Systems, Security and Communication Networks, Journal of innovation, IEEE Transactions, CMES-Computer Modelling in Engineering & Sciences and Transactions on Emerging Telecommunications Technologies.


PhD Thesis Title: An Engineering Framework for the Generation of Robust & Verifiable Smart Contracts

Primary and secondary Supervisors: Dr. Susan Rea, Dr. Alan McGibney


Based in: Nimbus Research Centre, Department of Computer Science, Cork Institute of Technology (CIT)