Meha James

PhD Student, Munster Technological University

Project Title: Authorization For Zero Trust In Smart Manufacturing IoT

Biography: I completed my bachelor’s degree in Information Technology in 2019. I worked on IoT devices and embedded device projects during my senior year of 2019. In 2022 I completed my Masters in Cybersecurity. My master project involves working on machine learning algorithms for IoT. Immediately afterwards I am pursuing my doctorate at the Nimbus Center, MTU.

I have good technical knowledge in various fields such as networking, network services, Linux/Windows and IoT systems. I have experience managing network protocols and tools on Linux and Windows. I also have knowledge of network topology such as routing and switching. Also, I am a certified ethical hacker and holding other various certificates in the I.T field.

Supervisors: Dr. Donna O’Shea (MTU), Dr. Thomas Newe (MTU), and Dr George O’Mahony (MTU)