Neeraj Kumar Maurya

PhD Student, Technological University Dublin

Project Title: Design of Dual Polarised mm Wave Antenna with Filtering Capability and Antenna Array Performance.

Biography: I am Neeraj Kumar Maurya, a PhD Researcher at Technological University Dublin where I am a member of the Antenna and High-Frequency Research Centre. I received my BSc. Degree in Electronics Honors in 2011 from University of Delhi, India. I was awarded the MSc. Degree in Electronics with specialization in Microwave and Radar communication from Cochin University of Science and Technology, India in 2015. I secured University Gold medal in my post-graduation. I also have an experience of providing Antenna solutions while working in the wireless industries along with two patents. I am registered in the School of Electronic and Electrical Engineering and is supervised by Professor Max Ammann and Dr Padraig McEvoy.

Supervisors: Prof. Max Ammann (TU Dublin) and Dr. Padraig Mc Evoy (TU Dublin).