Patrick O’ Toole

PhD Student, University College Cork

Project Title: Investigating Auditory-Visual-Emotional Cross-Modal Associations In Human-Computer Interfaces

Biography: Patrick grew up in Galway, where he studied Music Composition and Performance. He joins the Advance CRT program having graduated with a BA in Digital Humanities and IT from University College Cork in 2019. Patrick started his academic journey as a mature student in 2015 after years working as a musician, retail manager, and marketeer. His interests in Music and Computing, as well as Psychology, has lead him to his current research path. Understanding the connections between auditory and visual senses and how it affects our emotional states, is an interesting field of study. Also, using Virtual Reality to gain fresh insights on our senses and perception is very exciting. These topics can change our relationship with technology and how we design more inclusive interfaces in the future.

Supervisors: Dr. Maurizio Mancini (UCC) and Dr. Ian Pitt (UCC)