Pieter Barnard

PhD Student, Trinity College Dublin (TCD)

Pieter Barnard graduated in 2019 with an integrated masters and bachelor’s degree in Electronic & Computer Engineering from Trinity College Dublin. During his undergraduate studies, he undertook numerous projects including a 7-month industrial placement at Cylon Controls Ltd in 2018. At Cylon, his main achievements included the design and evaluation of a power failover system for use within wired-networks of Fast Ethernet devices. In 2019, Pieter developed a digital watermarking algorithm based on the human visual system and the Discrete Fourier Transform as part of his final year thesis.

At ADVANCE, his current research focuses on AI and machine learning applied to resource management of wireless networks. In particular, Pieter’s main focus within this area is to develop new ways in which trust and explainability may be incorporated into the design of AI based algorithms, which are infamously known to be ‘black boxes’ with regards to their inner workings.

His current research interests include signal processing, radio resource management, machine learning and hardware design. His hobbies include recreational scuba diving.

Preliminary Project Title: Exploring Explainable AI in Wireless Networks

Primary and secondary Supervisors: Prof. Nicola Marchetti, Prof. Luiz Da Silva

Email: barnardp@tcd.ie

Based in: Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Trinity College Dublin