Praveen Joshi

PhD Student, Cork Institute of Technology (CIT)

Praveen Joshi is a PhD student working under the supervision of Dr. Haithem Afli, and Dr. Mohammed Hasanuzzaman through the support of the Advanced CRT. His Master’s thesis in Artificial Intelligence Studies dealt with stock market forecasting through multi-modal machine learning approach by exploring the semantics of social platform and business news. The financial modal build achieved nice accuracy and at the same time overcome the explainability aspect of the deep learning model by compehending the visualisation techniques to represent the events happening in the daily-day life. In continuation with such research interests, and a commitment to critical and self-reflexive modes of knowledge production, his PhD endeavour aims to be an researcher of the sustainable society in the coming future.


Working thesis title/research area: Quality of Experience in the context of AI enabled secured platform

Primary and secondary supervisors: Dr. Haithem Afli, Dr. Mohammed Hasanuzzaman


Based in: Department of Computer Science, Cork Institute of Technology (CIT)