Prof. Vinny Cahill

Trinity College Dublin (TCD)

Prof. Cahill’s research addresses optimization of urban resource usage and service delivery in order to improve the quality of life and sustainability of cities. Of particular current interest is the development of new artificial intelligence (AI) based techniques to support sustainable mobility with the goal of optimizing travel-time reliability for travellers and freight. Current projects are addressing:

  • AI for Road-Vehicle Automation
    • Use of machine learning and swarm intelligence techniques to optimise travel-time reliability
    • Multi-agent techniques for urban traffic control
  • Middleware for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles
    • Middleware architectures to support collection, distribution and processing of high-volume data from connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs)
    • Group communication, consistency and coordination for vehicular applications
  • AI for Mobility as a Service
    • Deep learning for multi-modal collaborative journey planning for large-scale events