Rufina King’ori

PhD Student, University College Cork

Project Title: 

Digitally-Mediated Hybrid Work Practices of IT Professionals


Rufina has a Master’s in Business Information Systems Processes. In addition she also has teaching experience with undergraduate students at the university level, in Nairobi, Kenya.

Her doctoral project is centered on the evolving landscape of work in the digital age. She will be exploring the intersection of technology and work and the emerging dynamics of hybrid work practices within the context of Information Technology.

Through this project, Rufina aspires to unravel the challenges, opportunities, and nuances associated with digitally-mediated work arrangements, providing valuable insights that can guide organizations and professionals in optimizing their collaborative undertakings within the context of the modern digital landscape.


Professor Luigina Ciolfi (UCC) and Dr. Klaas Jan Stol (UCC)