Sheresh Zahoor

PhD Student, Munster Technological University

Biography: The most famous institutes in India, NIT Srinagar and DTU, awarded Sheresh Zahoor a B.Tech in Electronics and Communication and an M.Tech in Signal Processing and Digital Design. She is presently working toward her doctoral degree at Munster Technological University in Ireland. She worked as a Teaching Assistant and completed various Machine Learning projects while pursuing her Masters. Her master’s-level study resulted in the publication of two publications.

Following her master’s, she has spent the previous two years working in academia. Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Data Analytics, and Sentiment Analysis are some of her areas of interest. Her research at MTU is concentrated on the area of context-aware machine learning in ehealth.

Supervisors: Dr. Mohammad Hasanuzzaman (MTU) and Dr.Gael Dias (U. Normandie)