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I joined UCC as a full professor in computer science in 1999, and I currently also act as head of school, having previously been head of department for 3 years during 2015-2018 and for 5 years from 2000-2004. Prior to moving to Cork in 1999, I was a member of research staff at AT&T Labs in Florham Park (NJ, USA) and at Bell Labs in Murray Hill (NJ, USA). At Cork I lead the Mobile & Internet Systems Lab (MISL), a research group of about a dozen people focused on mobile and multimedia networking and funded by a range of Irish and international agencies and companies. I am a Science Foundation Ireland Principal Investigator and have published over 200 peer-reviewed papers, serving on several ACM/IEEE journal editorial boards. I hold a Ph.D. from the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory and am a member of Christ’s College. My Ph.D. supervisor was the esteemed Prof. Roger Needham; consequently I can trace my academic (doctoral) heritage back to computing pioneer Prof. Maurice Wilkes and going back further to physics Nobel laureates Ernest Rutherford and JJ Thomson!

With members of my research group and colleagues I am active in technology transfer activities, mainly through collaboration with Irish companies and licencing of research outputs. I have experience in performing technical due diligence and am available to advise on patent infringement and as an expert witness in the areas of telecoms, mobile and wireless networks, and the Internet of Things (IoT). I have 8 patents granted.

I have experience as an External Examiner for full degree programmes at Queen’s University Belfast and Trinity College Dublin. I have served as External Examiner for PhD degrees at many institutions including Cambridge University, Imperial College London, Queen’s University Belfast, Trinity College Dublin, University College Dublin, University of New South Wales. I have experience as a peer reviewer / referee for research project proposals for national and international agencies (including the NSF, EU, Enterprise Ireland, Council of Directors of Institutes of Technology, and Qatar National Research Fund), and also on panels for research quality assessment and more generally on university quality reviews.