Urja Pawar

PhD Student, Cork Institute of Technology (CIT)

Urja graduated as B.Tech(Honors) in Information Technology from a National Institute in India. During undergraduate, she was heavily involved in hackathons and conferences and soon she initiated her state’s first National level hackathon, CodeUtsava. She also did internships with various startups during summer vacation. One of the internships was with Fourth Frontier which involved her to detect arrhythmia from ECG signal provided by their device. After completing the internship, she continued the project of arrhythmia detection and published a paper in her final year. During this period she got her interest in machine learning and decided to pursue a PhD in this field. Currently, she is enrolled in a PhD program with CIT in partnership with Mckesson.


Working thesis title/research area: Explainable AI in Healthcare

Primary and secondary supervisors: Dr. Ruairi O’Reilly, Dr. Donna O’Shea

Email: urja.pawar@mycit.ie

Based in: Department of Computer Science, Cork Institute of Technology (CIT)