Yuening Li

PhD Student, Maynooth University

Project Title: Smart Technologies, Networks, and Social sustainability in the Development of Cashless Societies

Biography: I start my academic training in BA Political Communication at Sun Yet-Sen University. After graduation, I spent just over one year working at in public relations, in particular, corporate social responsibility (CSR), where I familiarised myself with data policy, Internet of Things, and interactive digital platforms. As a result, I completed my MA in Digital Assets and Media Management at King’s College London, where I combine my experience in CSR with theoretical training and literature, for example, information ethics and digital right studies. I soon develop my interest in becoming an academic, which led me to sociology. I did my MSc in London School of Economics and Politics Science (LSE). During my MSc study, I developed my research about the social impacts brought by the increasing usage of digital finance technologies and devices, which later has become my PhD research focus at Maynooth University. I focus on social inclusion, gender equality, and data justice in the development of FinTech innovations, where I can study beyond the active IoTs users, but also people who might struggle with adopting into the Web 4.0, for example, older generations, homeless people, and people who engage in bodily labours, for example domestic workers. In my research, I will study how digital finance and the process of digitalisation of financial institutions affect the lives of ordinary people, in particular, those who are vulnerable.

Supervisors: Prof. Aphra Kerr (MU)