Zarrar Haider

PhD Student, University College Cork

Project Title: 

Indoor SWARM UAV Exploration


I am eclectic personality with interests in Arts, Fashion, Engineering and Aerial Robotics. I have gained potential work experience by working in more than 5 R&D Companies in Pakistan. I worked on Embedded Systems, Radar DSP, Autonomous UAVs and Programming. My research interests includes AI based Multi-copter UAVs, Fixed Wing UAV and Flapping Wing Drones.
For the past five years I have become a pioneer researcher in Flapping Wing Drones Technology in Pakistan in collaboration with the Drone Bird Company Netherlands. I worked on Fixed Wing Drones Birds and Flapping for civil and security needs. I have lead the R&D Team in Research Organization in order to deliver the First Flapping Bird Drones. I am certified pilot for UAVs and currently I am doing research on Indoors SWARM UAVs Explorations with AI and Machine Learning.
Besides by professional career, I am an activist working to promote education for poor students with the help of funding and donations. I actively take part in GREEN technologies and TREE SAFE campaigns. I love to do hiking, traveling across countries, sketching, singing, fashion modeling and acting.


1. Gold Medalist for Best Project in NUST
2. Pakistan Government Research AWARD for 20 Million Grant on Flapping Wing Drones
3. Certified LabVIEW Developer
4. ICASE Best Paper Award
5. Research Paper Grants for IEEE
6. ICIT Research Fund for Final Year Project
7. NUST Umar Khan Scholarship Award
8. Pak Turk College’s Best Student Challenge Award
9. Best Painting/Sketching Award
10. Runner up in Programming Competition NUST

1. National Instruments ( LabVIEW R&D)
2. LMKR Resouces ( R&D of DSP)
3. RWR Pvt Ltd ( R&D of Radar DSP)
4. NSETS Pvt Ltd ( Flapping Wing Drone Researcher)
5. Dell Technologies ( AI based UAVs )


Prof. Cormac J. Sreenan (UCC), and Prof. Ken Brown (UCC)